ORLANDO, Fla. — An East Orlando nonprofit gave away hundreds of backpacks Sunday to deserving families ahead of the new school year.

Volunteers for Compassion through Education hosted the supply drive. The organization collected around 950 backpacks filled with school supplies to give away. 

“It’s just like during Christmas time - you don’t always have the money to be able to get what you need to get,” said Casi Rose, who came to get supplies for her two kids. “It’s good that they have organizations like this that they have no problem doing haircuts, or giving out backpacks or bikes or stuff like that. Because it’s always helpful to help the community.”

The head of Compassion through Education, Valerie Calo, says she started the nonprofit this year to give back to those in need, because she was once in their shoes.

To learn more about the nonprofit organization, visit their Facebook page.