ORLANDO, Fla. — Civil rights groups in Florida are trying to stop a Trump administration proposal that could cut refugee admittance into the U.S. down to zero next year.

Activists say these types of policies hurt those that need help the most.

Here are five things to know about the controversial measure and what activists are doing in response:

1) “Rise for Refuge”

Florida Civil Rights groups are joining in on the national movement called “We are all America” by participating in the national month of action called “Rise for Refuge,” where activists speak out against a Trump administration immigration proposal.

2) Trump Proposal

The proposal could cut admittance for refugees in the U.S. down to zero next year.

3) Asylum Eligibility

In July, the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security issued a rule to slow down the arrival of undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border to seek refuge.

Under the rule, if an asylum seeker passes through another country on the way to the U.S., they must first seek asylum there.

Anyone who did not apply for asylum to a third country before applying for refugee status in the U.S. is no longer eligible.

4) Rise in Asylum-Seekers

The DOJ reports asylum applications nearly quadrupled in the past five years.  

5) Decrease in Refugee Admittance

Under the Trump administration, the number of refugees admitted to the country dropped from 110,000 in 2017 to 30,000 this year.