SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — Tuesday night is the first class for the Seminole County Elections Academy put on by the county’s Supervisor of Elections.

Hoping to offer transparency and insight to how voting and Election Day works, Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Chris Anderson is opening up his office building doors to educate 12 people in the first election academy.

Oviedo Florist Marlene Hampton has lived in the county for decades. Several years ago she actually volunteered to work for election voting polls and found it fascinating. Now, she hopes to learn even more.

“Every state, every county has different processes, and I want to know how it all comes together,” Hampton said.  “There’s so many different rules for so many different counties, and how does it all come together?”

Another attendee, Trish Buhl, has voted in 16 different states, as well as sent in absentee ballots from overseas as a military spouse.

For her, this is an opportunity to become educated on a system many are skeptical about.

“I hope that they are honest with us and show us the good, the bad, and the ugly,” Buhl said. “I feel if there’s problems then I hope they share that with us, that they are honest with us, then I can come back and say look, we have a very transparent government. And I want to be able to defend our little community, and say yes, they are doing what is in our best interest.”

Chris Anderson says he’s heard the concerns from voters in his county and thought there was no better way to address the issues than face to face.

“We have brought them in, now we are going to educate them so any of those thoughts they have had, like their vote not counting, now they get to see how Seminole County ensures their vote counts,” Anderson said.

He wants to make sure everyone knows these classes are not about a political agenda for any party.

The dozen students are a pretty even split between registered Republicans, Democrats and No party affiliations.