ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- In a week, four instances of threats at schools happened across Central Florida.

Thousands of parents picked up their phones to hear this message sent out by Orange County Public Schools.

"OCPS Families we are calling to make you aware of a general threat," said a man over a Connect Orange Message.

For parents at Westridge Middle School, they received more than one call this week.

"Law enforcement has investigated, identified and arrested a student for making a false threat," said another Connect Orange Message.

Two Westridge middle school students were arrested Wednesday for two different threats the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the students made through texts. Then on Tuesday, in Volusia County another student at Pine Ridge High was arrested for a threatening note. All three kids were charged with felonies.

"We just want to send the message that we are not going to take this lightly, and in today’s world with everything that is going on," said Cpl. Rose Silva, with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Laws since Parkland do make these types of alleged crimes felonies, even for children. But, not everyone is sure that charging kids with felonies is the best choice of consequence.

"I certainly hope that they look into alternative discipline," said Jonathan Rose, Criminal & Professional Trial Attorney.

Criminal Trial Attorney Jonathan Rose firmly feels… expulsion would have a longer lasting effect on kids than a felony charge.

"Even in the juvenile system, what they are likely to get is probation. The kids can finish their probation and their juvenile records for the most part - depending on what you want to do in life is sealed. And nobody is really going to know about it," Rose said. 

In these recent cases, school disciplinary action was also administered.

"Disciplinary action will be handed out to the student code of conduct," the Connect Orange message said. 

Both Rose and Cpl. Silva do agree that parents also play a huge role in preventing these threats.

"It’s very important for them to communicate to these students and juveniles the importance of not pulling these pranks because they are going to face very harsh consequences," said Cpl. Silva.

"Parents do bear some responsibility in their child’s conduct, that is just the way it is," Rose said.

As part of Spectrum News 13’s Crime Guideline, we are not naming or showing mugshots of the children accused in the separate felonies.