TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida legislators could pass a measure later this week that would allow teachers across the state to legally carry firearms into the classroom.

The school guardian bill would allow those teachers to defend themselves and students in the event of a school shooting.

One democratic house representative says it’s unclear if parents or students would even know which teachers had guns.

A republican lawmaker pushing the bill says the measure would only make it voluntary – not mandatory – and he says school administrators in all counties should at least have the option.

“What do we say as state policy makers to those counties who cannot have a law enforcement officer on their campus?” said Sen. Manny Diaz, who represents Florida House District 36 out of Miami.

“I am one of those mothers who definitely would not want my child in a classroom with a gun, knowing a gun was in there with that teacher, even if it was the teacher of the year,” said Nina Yoakum, an Orange County parent and substitute teacher.

Even if both chambers of the Florida legislature pass the measure this week, Gov. Ron DeSantis would have to sign the bill before it becomes law.​