ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Technology is helping Orange County Fire Rescue save lives, one drone at a time.

  • Aerial, underwater drones are used to help rescue people
  • Drones use thermal cameras; can deliver life-saving devices
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"We have 16 drones or UAVs. Also in that 16, we have two underwater ROVs or remote operated vehicles," said Battalion Chief Jason Perrigo.

Perrigo said these assets are critical in search and rescue.

"They help us find lives and safe lives," he explained.

Their aerial drone was just used on Sunday to rescue a man from a pond at Twin Lake Drive in Orange County.

"During the search, we are able to use our thermal camera on the drone and we found a heat signature. We were working in conjunction with Orange County Sheriff's boat team out in the water," said Perrigo.

The ROVs help with underwater rescues, the battalion chief commented.

"If we have potentially someone that has gone underneath the water, we are allowed to search and help located them without putting the divers in the water," said Perrigo.

In addition to the amazing picture quality to help find someone, the aerial drones can also drop life-saving devices.

"It automatically inflates and the victim can grab ahold of that and help them stay afloat," said Perrigo.