DELAND, Fla. — For many parents, using sweet treats to get their kids to do something is a good fallback. But a Volusia County teacher is using those same snacks in a very different way to engage the learning process.

When Spectrum News 13 visited Kysha Williams’ fifth grade class at Stetson Baptist Christian School in DeLand, she was passing out sweet snacks that the students were using as clues for a lesson to guess "Who am I?"

One of her students figured out the answer. Williams praised the student saying, "Very good! George Washington Carver. All those things that you see on your plate are things that he worked with."

The Oreo cookies she explain represented the dirt, the gummy worms and gummy fish she explained represent the ecosystem that Carver, a scientist and inventor, studied in the early 1900s to help southern farmers save their crops.

While Williams' unique and fun way of teaching is being gobbled up by her students, Williams says it comes naturally. The A+ Teacher says it's a gift that blossomed for her early on thanks to one special person.

"My mom inspired me to do anything I want to,” she said with a laugh and big smile.

Williams says her mother recognized her gift years ago.

This is her first year teaching at Stetson Baptist Christian School, and she says she's honored and humbled that one of her student's parents, who is the Pre-School Director at Stetson Baptist Christian School, nominated her.

Anna Cendejas describes Williams as amazing with the children, saying she is "the best person inside and out.”

“She makes sure that they are respectful and that they do their best at all times. She constantly gets them cute little gifts because she truly loves her class. For Christmas she got them each long socks, pencils, erasers, Santa hat, and a few other goodies," Cendejas said.

"She has made such a change in her students’ lives, and I personally know that my daughter has changed for the good this year and has found her love for school and reading,” she added.