BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — The family of a second woman at a Rockledge group home for the developmentally disabled says she also was molested by a caregiver facing charges of impregnating a patient several years ago.

Willie Fred Shorter, a former caregiver at Bridges group home, is facing charges of lewd and lascivious battery on an elderly or disabled person. A DNA test determined Shorter fathered a child with a woman at the facility who had the "mental capacity of a child," Rockledge Police said in an affidavit.

In a formal complaint filed in Brevard County Court on Tuesday, the family of a second woman living at the facility says Shorter also sexually assaulted their 37-year-old daughter while she was in his care.

Attorney Kevin Smith said the family does not want to identify the woman but did say she has Down syndrome.

"They knew their daughter was in the same facility as the other victim. They wanted to make sure their daughter was safe. They went to talk to her and they found out that she was also a victim," Smith said.

Rockledge Police did confirm there is a second complaint filed against Bridges and is currently investigating.

Smith said the family also says Bridges knew or should have known about Shorter's actions and failed to intervene, resulting in harm to the woman.

The formal complaint says the family is suing Bridges for damages, and the family plans to file a subpoena to find out whether there are more victims, Smith said.

"Wwe are trying to gather as much evidence to make sure Shorter gets arrested and in jail for a long as possible for his crimes," he said.

According to the Bridges website, the Rockledge facility houses about two dozen patients.

In the wake of the investigation into Shorter, the Bridges board of directors suspended its CEO last week.

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