KISSIMMEE, Fla. — One company is teaming up with law enforcement to connect the dots and reduce crimes. It’s all about a new piece of technology that is helping recover stolen items, similar to human DNA.

“For 25 years I’ve been enjoying collecting Mickeys and Disney stuff,” said Mary Sanderson, a collector who is worried about losing her belongings — again.

A trailer with $35,000 worth of her stuff was stolen a couple of years back, it was filled with antiques and mobility equipment. Police never recovered the merchandise.

This is why Sanderson signed up online to get Protech DNA, a free kit which has a unique adhesive with microscopic silver dots which help identify property to its rightful owner.

Kissimmee Police Department just linked up with Protech DNA to engage more community members in their crime fighting efforts.

The DNA comes in the form of a gel. In order to apply, you first want to massage the packet to make sure that the mixture inside is even. You grab a brush or a q-tip to use some of the liquid and apply it to the item you want to label. Let it dry for 10 minutes, and within 24 hours, it’s permanent.

You can also add a UV ink pen to your kit. With it, you can write a personal pin on any of your belongings to identify — it can only be seen with a UV light. Only law enforcement has access to the personal property log and can successfully make a match using a special camera.

Sergeant Ian Downing with KPD’s Property Crimes Unit is leading the initiative for Kissimmee.

“Jewelry, for example doesn't necessarily have a serial number or a personal identification number on it already,” Downing said. “So what the adhesive allows us to do, is put that specific number on that property, and it makes it a lot easier for us to identify it as stolen or someone’s property… “

For Sanderson, her property isn’t just worth money, they have sentimental value.

Kits are paid by homeowners’ insurance and therefore free to residents. Visit Protech DNA’s website for more information on how to get your kit.