A Windermere man was found guilty Tuesday of drugging and taking pictures and video of a woman he raped.

Darryl Patterson was found guilty after just a two-day trial. Jurors deliberated for several hours Tuesday before finding Patterson guilty of attempted sexual battery and sexual battery.

The investigation into Patterson himself began in 2014, but two years before that, Windermere Police began investigating a case that involved more than 100 videos of drugged women, some taken as far back as 2006.

In January 2016, a woman reported to police that she thought she may have been the victim of a rape. While meeting with investigators, she saw two videos that showed her unconscious body being sexually assaulted. She told them she used to work for Patterson and would socialize with him and his friends.

Windermere Police Detective John Allen has been following the case since it began. Although this case is now closed, he said there are still about six women yet to be identified from the tapes found, and he still believes there could be more victims out there.

"If there are victims out there, we hope you come forward and talk to us. Now that he's convicted, we could get DNA in the system and we could get hits from rape kits in other jurisdictions," Detective Allen said following Patterson’s conviction.

Two of the identified victims in this case came forward to testify this week, saying on the stand that they had no idea they were sexually assaulted until police released images of their faces.

"We have proven it beyond all doubt because it's all on tape. It's all right here," said assistant state attorney Deborah Barra during her closing arguments.

Patterson's defense attorney argued the tapes, although sexually explicit, didn't prove rape.

"I think we can all agree video taping anyone having sex is done in poor taste. But having poor taste is not a crime," Patterson’s defense attorney Richard Parker said.

Patterson did not take the stand in his own defense but told the judge that he was not happy with his attorneys and that he was not prepared for the trial.

Ultimately jurors decided Patterson was guilty.

Patterson's sentencing is set for 9 a.m., May 4. He faces up to 45 years in prison.