A Lake Mary man's hard work means some Central Floridians get to eat.

  • Demitrius Bradley delivers food to the hungry
  • He also brings water, blankets and pillows
  • Some of the items are donated, others are out of pocket

We learned about Demitrius Bradley from a viewer email.

So we met up with him early on a Tuesday at an Orlando bread distribution center to find out just what he's doing for his community.

"Something told me - you're here for a reason," Bradley said.

That "reason" is to bring food, water, blankets and pillows to folks who eagerly await for his pickup truck to arrive.

"There's apartment complexes that I go to," he said. "There's houses that I pull up to. Everybody on the block comes out of the house and gets this. This isn't just about the homeless. It's just about our people. People drive by and see me giving away stuff and they're like, 'Is that free?' It's all free."

Some of the items, like the bread, are donated by Pepperidge Farms. He used to work there and built a strong relationship.

But the pasta is out of his pocket.

"Oh yea, they say I have the best spaghetti," he said, opening up the lid to show off a piping-hot pot of pasta. "Homemade every morning."

We got in our news truck and followed Bradley to a couple of stops off Orange Blossom Trail and John Young Parkway. About a dozen people in each location were there waiting, including Andre McGhee.

"He comes up here every Tuesday and gives away bread, food and water to anybody that's in need," McGhee said, taking a few items from the truck. "He's doing it consistently, and he has made  a big difference."

"Ya know, when they see me, they're like - I get to eat today," Bradley said.

Bradley admits, though, that he's not rolling in dough.

"I don't have much," he said. "I'm struggling to make a car payment and pay rent just like everybody else. But you know, at the same time, I choose to give time."

"He's doing a great service and I actually bought him lunch," McGhee said. "I had to give back to what he's given to so many of us. So, ya know, a little bit that I can help him with, too."