One Central Florida organization who works with foster children said there's a lack of foster families in Osceola County.

But they're looking to change that.

  • Community Based Care hopes to grow foster families in Osceola
  • Official said only 55% of foster kids in Osceola get to stay in area
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Cameo and Allan VanDenBosch have fostered 20 kids in the past year. They are currently taking care of five siblings who were living in a hotel.

Cameo had a rough childhood, so she wanted to be there for a child in the same way she wished someone had been there for her.

“But it’s really about figuring out how to break the cycle, and teaching someone that they want something better,” she said.

Community Based Care of Central Florida works directly with foster families. They say that only 55 percent of the children removed from homes in Osceola County are able to stay in the area.

“In Osceola County, it’s been a particular challenge because there really hasn't been a lot of foster families there in the past,” said Glen Casel the CEO and President of Community Based Care of Central Florida. “And so we've put a lot of attention to try to really grow that community there.”

Joy Chuba with the Children’s Advocacy Center said that in Osceola County, last year alone, the number of children who were reported as victims of abuse to the statewide hotline was enough children to fill 726 kindergarten classrooms.

“First of all, most importantly, show a child who might have been traumatized and then removed from their home that there is another community for them,” Chuba said. “That there is a family and there are professionals who care and want to rally together to give them hope for the future.”

The VanDenBosch’s are hoping other families will do the same, and not just open the doors to their home but their hearts as well to these little ones.

“We just hope that they leave knowing that Jesus loves them, and that things will get better,” Allan said. “As long as you apply yourself and you follow the rules of society.”

If you’re interested in learning more, there will be an info session by the Community Based Care of Central Florida on Sunday March 25 at noon in the First Unitarian Church of Orlando on 1901 E. Robinson Street in Orlando.

For more info, visit the organization’s website at