Opening statements are underway in the trial of a Titusville man accused of double murder in 2012.

William Woodward is accused of killing two men and shooting another on Labor Day of that year.

Both sides presented their opening statements to the jury Wednesday morning after jury selection.

"This is an anger shooting, this is not a fear shooting," said Bill Respress to jurors.

"For a period of nearly a month, almost every day, there was some sort of harassment," expressed Woodward's defense attorney Greg Eisenmenger to the jury.

A barrage of bullets, more than 30, rang out early Labor Day morning of 2012, which was caught on home security cameras from William Woodward's Smith Drive home.

When the gunfire ended, Gary Hembree and Roger Picior were dead, and Bruce Blake, despite being struck 11 times, survived.

Prosecutors say Woodward, a former military member, waited in camouflage to gun down the men.

"He describes himself as a hunter-killer, and the people that he shoots are his prey," Respress told jurors of Woodward's police interview. "And that he is at war with them."

Woodward's defense argues he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and was acting in self-defense to protect his family after months of harassment, taunting and violent threats to his 12-year-old daughter.

"He considered them real, he considered them credible, and he worried about it," Eisenmenger told jurors.

Picior's son Justin took the stand, and testified he was just feet away, coming face-to-face with Woodward after he had shot his father.

"When he was coming towards the car I hopped up, and I put my hands up and was like 'don't shoot me I didn't do anything', and he walked up to me, pointed a gun at me, but never shot," he testified.

Testimony continues Thursday.