ORLANDO, Fla. -- A disorderly passenger was taken into custody at Orlando International Airport Thursday, and police say he was apparently "foaming" at the mouth.

  • Man arrested at OIA for allegedly causing scene
  • Jeffrey Epstein, 59, reportedly lashed out at airport employee
  • Police say Epstein was frothing at the mouth
  • Police say they had to pepper spray Epstein

Sgt. Eduardo J. Bernal with Orlando Police Dept. says 59-year-old Jeffrey Epstein caused a scene after an outburst against American Airlines' business practices.

When Orlando Police arrived to the scene, an American Airlines employee told officers Epstein was not permitted to fly because of his behavior.

After an officer tried to calm Epstein down, Epstein allegedly took off his backpack, threw his hands in the air and told police to arrest him.

An officer said he noticed froth around Epstein’s mouth and asked him if he was “having an issue.” That’s when Epstein reportedly became even angrier.

Police say Epstein was screaming profanities and causing a disruption, to the point where they say Epstein was disturbing airport operations.

When police tried to arrest Epstein, he allegedly tensed up his arms and pulled them forward when officers attempted to handcuff him.

Police then say they took Epstein down to the ground to get him to cooperate, but he still attempted to resist, also kicking police as they tried to arrest him. At one point, an officer allegedly pepper sprayed Epstein.

Epstein was transported to the hospital after police say he complained of chest pain.

According to police, Epstein allegedly said he “created a very big disturbance, and I did it on purpose.”

An officer also found what appeared to be a bag of cannabis.

Epstein is being charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, trespassing after warning and disorderly conduct.