UMATILLA, Fla. — Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter is done building homes in a Lake County neighborhood.

  • Habitat for Humanity builds homes for ‘Veterans Village’
  • Affordable homes meant for veterans, active military

The 13 affordable homes are for veterans, activity military and spouses of those who have served. 

It's called the Veterans Village and it's located in Umatilla. 

Shawn Unger moved into the development at the end of June. 

"(I) wanted to get out of the apartment living and into a home. I do have two small children in the house, so a little more wholesome living than that of the apartment," said Unger. 

Unger says he went into the Air Force when he was 17 years old after graduating from high school. 

"My parents had to give me permission to do so and sign a form, and then I reported to Lackland Air Force base in 1985," he said. 

Unger's house is one of 13 Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter started building in 2016. 

"Our CEO Kent Adcock and other leaders in the community kind of got together and were looking at the demographics of our population here in Lake and Sumter County, and we have a really high population of veterans so they started talking about what they could do," said Danielle Stroud with Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter. 

The homes are now complete and Ung​er says it's nice to have other veterans as neighbors. 

"I guess we still carry that military barring so we live accordingly. So there’s not very much noise or commotion, which is very nice," he said. 

Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter​ is also planning on putting in a flag pole memorial with benches and engraved bricks, as well as a boat dock.