ORLANDO, Fla. -- Studies suggest a growing number of seniors are entering the so-called “gig economy,” using tech apps to make a living.

  • Growing number of seniors entering 'gig economy'
  • Airbnb: seniors are fastest growing demographic for hosts

Jeanette McPherson of Orlando is a regular provider on InstaCart and a designated “super host” on Airbnb.

She started renting out a spare room in her home more than two years ago.

“I was a little nervous about it,” McPherson said.

Her friend was already a host and told her about the income potential.

“In this economy we live in today, is there such thing as fully retired?” McPherson said. “I still work, I still receive social security benefits, but I do work because it’s necessary.”

McPherson works on her own time -- when it’s convenient -- yet continues to earn the income to help her make ends meet and save cash on the side.

And she’s not alone.

Airbnb says seniors are the fastest growing age demographic for hosts.

Nearly half (18,000+) of all of Airbnb’s hosts in Florida (44,000+) are seniors, earning an average of $6,400.

“Airbnb gave me that opportunity to earn a dollar from my home and have income coming in,” McPherson said. “That’s why I chose to work the way I do. I like being flexible.”

McPherson said she has welcomed guests into her home from across the U.S. and from around the world.

Spectrum News’ “In Focus” recently discussed the wider impact of the “Gig Economy” and how it is shaping Central Florida.

A 2017 study by research firm ‘Intuit’ found nearly 4 million Americans create income for their household by using app technology, such as InstaCart, Shipt, Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb.