MIMS, Fla. -- Firefighters put out a car fire in Brevard County Monday afternoon, finding a body in the backseat.

  • Body found after firefighters put out car fire in Mims
  • Investigators don't know whether body is male, female

The incident happened on Bethune Avenue near Wiley Avenue in Mims. The call about a car fire several feet into the woods came in around 3 p.m.

As Brevard County Fire Rescue firefighters doused the flames, they stopped what they were doing, after finding a body in the backseat.

That prompted a call to Brevard County Sheriff's investigators, who roped off the area around the narrow Mims street.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office investigators, crime scene techs, Brevard County’s fire marshal, and the State Fire Marshal's Office were on the scene.

At this point it's not known if the body is male or female, or how it and the car got here.

The area is residential, but the lots surrounding where the car fire was found are overgrown, and there are no houses.

No further details have been released at this time.