ORLANDO, Fla. -- There may be some good news for tens of thousands of Walt Disney World employees Wednesday morning. 

Union leaders say they are close to reaching a new contract with the company.  

"Back on May 1, Disney proposed historic raises that will dramatically improve the lives of Cast Members and our families. The $1,000 tax bonus is also part of the Company’s proposal," the union told members in a document obtained by Spectrum News 13.

The Services Trades Council, a coalition of six unions representing half of Disney World’s 70,000 workers, has been negotiating with the company for nearly a year. 

Union leaders say Disney also dropped its request to eliminate overtime on a sixth or seventh day worked. 

The leaders also say improvements will come to holiday and bereavement pay.

At one point, Disney proposed raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2021. 

Next month, each of the six unions will negotiate issues specific to their members.   Negotiations are scheduled through Aug. 24. Employees' current contract is not up until next year.