LEESBURG, Fla. -- On Sunday, a sinkhole opened up on a road in a private neighborhood called Arlington Ridge.

  • Sinkhole opens up in road in private neighborhood 
  • Sinkhole is not near any homes, doesn't pose threat

The southbound lane of Arlington Ridge Boulevard first looked depressed Sunday morning. ​Those managing the private community then decided to rip up the roadway and inspect the problem. 

Immediately they noticed a wide hole under the ground. Geotechnical engineers were called to inspect the area and determine the possible cause of the hole.

They also had to figure out the likelihood of it growing, while also figuring out how fast they could safely fill it. 

"There isn't anything they can do. I hope they can fill it up quickly and maybe do more surveys around the land,” said one nearby resident Seti Navarro said Monday. 

A property manager spokesperson told Spectrum News they are unaware of any other sinkhole activity in the immediate area.

They added they are also working with a geotechnical engineer, who has been called to reevaluate if there needs to be any more evaluations conducted on the roadway. 

Fortunately the hole is not near any homes and doesn't pose a threat to those in the area. Right now there is a road closure along the roadway.