SEBASTIAN, Fla. -- Tucked away on the Indian River County coast is a spot where you’ll meet some loud friends. There’s everything from chirping to squawking when you set foot on these pristine grounds.

  • Captain Daniel Wookets calls himself 'bird whisperer'
  • He takes in abused, abandoned parrots
  • For more info, visit

Meet Captain Daniel Wookets: He’s the friendliest pirate with an eye patch you’ll meet, but he may be best described as a bird whisperer.

Always a bird lover, he’s expanded his family, bringing in dozens of birds to his coastline home.

“This has been a vision I’ve had since I used to own my pirate ship the Calypso," Daniel said. "People started giving me parrots. I got some that were blind or disabled, and I couldn’t find homes for them -- so that began the sanctuary.”

Galleon Treasures Sanctuary first opened their doors a year and a half ago, starting with just 4 parrots they’ve grown to over 50.

They specialize in abused and abandoned birds to help educate the public and give them a glimpse into the beauty of these majestic birds.

The sanctuary is free to the public and runs solely on donations. Captain Dan even says they’ll take volunteers or anyone looking to get more involved in helping at the sanctuary.

“It’s just a great spot, the birds love it. One thing the birds really miss is that interaction and the people … the companionships," Daniel said.

So make the trip out, and you’ll most likely leave with a couple new friends by the end of your visit.

Galleon Treasures is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to the general public, but you can come during the week by calling ahead and making a reservation.

For more information head to their website,