ORLANDO, Fla. — Police were called to a Frontier Airlines plane at Orlando International Airport Thursday after a man reportedly punched a service dog, and then the dog's deaf, pregnant handler.

  • Man accused of punching pregnant woman, service dog
  • Happened on Frontier flight between Colorado Springs, Orlando
  • Man's wife complained of allergies, man said dog took up too much space

Orlando Police say Timothy Manley, 59, and his family were on Frontier Flight 1752 from Colorado Springs to Orlando, as were Mathew Silvay, 30, and Hazel Ramirez, 21, their two children and a service dog named Zariel, who is a great Dane.

Police say Manley's wife complained of being allergic to dogs.

When the plane landed and began to taxi to the gate, Zariel stood up. Police say Manley punched the dog with a closed fist because he felt the dog took up more space than it deserved. Zariel shook her head and went under a seat.

Police say at that point Silvay and Ramirez, who are both deaf, began yelling at Manley as best they could, which caused Manley to get into Silvay's face. 

Frontier said the families continued to argue as the plane reached the gate, and a flight attendant called the police. At some point Ramirez, who is 20 weeks pregnant, was punched in the stomach by Timothy Manley, according to police. They also say Manley touched the other couple's two children.

Because the alleged altercation happened a plane, the case was turned over to the FBI. Police say Hazel Ramirez does want to press charges.