SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- George Zimmerman, the man acquitted of murder charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, has been charged with stalking a private investigator.

According to the Seminole County Clerk of Court, the Sheriff's Office investigated Zimmerman over allegations that he stalked Dennis Warren in late December 2017.

Investigators handed over their findings in March, and the State Attorney's Office decided to prosecute.

Zimmerman faces misdemeanor stalking charges.

In a Seminole County Sheriff's Office report, deputies said Warren, a private investigator hired to find people who may be interested in participating in a documentary about Trayvon Martin and his case, was harassed and threatened over email, voicemail and text by Zimmerman.

At least one statement included a threat to feed Warren to an alligator.

"... He's well on his way to the inside of a gator as well. 10-4?" the Sheriff's document states.

Zimmerman told Warren several times, "I'll see you before you realize it," Sheriff's investigators said.

When Warren, on the advice of deputies, told Zimmerman to cease all communications, Zimmerman replied with "No!" and "Pursue charges," among other threatening statements.

Between Dec. 16 and Dec. 25, Sheriff's investigators said Zimmerman sent Warren 55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails.

Zimmerman was served last week and is slated to be arraigned before Judge Mark Herr at 9 a.m. May 30.

This isn't the first time Zimmerman has appeared in court since he was acquitted in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin at a Sanford apartment complex in 2012. In October 2016, Zimmerman spoke at the sentencing of Matthew Apperson, who got 20 years in prison for shooting at Zimmerman in a road-rage incident.

Zimmerman also has faced domestic violence charges twice, but in both cases, charges were dropped.