Jurors on Thursday found Fredrick Torres, a former caricature artist accused of stabbing a co-worker with scissors at Universal Orlando, guilty of attempted murder.

Torres was charged with first-degree attempted murder in the New Year's Day 2016 stabbing of Glenn Ferguson.

"We can now put this behind us and finally go on with our lives now." Ferguson's wife, JoAnn, said after the verdict in an Orange County courtroom.

Torres' defense team closed its case without bringing forward a single witness. Lawyers said they didn't need to, because they think it's clear their client didn't plan anything but suddenly snapped when he found out he was fired from his job as a caricature artist.

"There are reasonable doubts as to whether or not the state has proved the element of premeditation," public defender Kate MacMillen said.

Defense attorneys didn't deny that the Jan. 1, 2016 attack happened, but they argued that the act was made in anger over Torres' firing and not a decision that he planned.

The state wrapped up its argument by saying that surveillance video shows Torres chasing Ferguson around for minutes — enough time, they said, for Torres to think twice before trying to kill Ferguson.

"For seven minutes, he (Torres) looked at Glenn Ferguson, still holding the weapon on him, and just stared him down, and the only thing that he was waiting for was the opportunity," said Mark Interlicchio of the State Attorney's Office.

The Fergusons said their fight isn't over, because following the attack, Glenn, who once made a living as an artist, now has limited vision, suffers panic attacks and seizures and has a speech impediment because he was stabbed in the skull.

With his service dog, Gracie, in court, and family by his side, Ferguson said he was glad he was able to confront Torres.

"I was scared all over again," said Ferguson, who took the stand Wednesday.

Now, the Fergusons wait to find out how long Torres will be sentenced to prison. Meanwhile they continue to help Ferguson work through his traumatic brain injury.

"The life we had before the attack — that life is gone. We have a new normal. But it's OK, because he's still here with me, and I couldn't be happier," JoAnn Ferguson said.

Torres is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 12. He faces a minimum of eight years in prison and a maximum life sentence.

Fredrick Torres was found guilty Thursday of attempted murder in the stabbing of a former co-worker. (Bailey Myers, staff)