Getting solar panels on your home can save you money, but only after costing thousands of dollars to install. But homeowners in Seminole County will soon have a chance to go solar for less money.

  • Solar co-op forming in Seminole County
  • Helps homeowners get solar energy installation cheaper
  • Information sessions happening June 5

Mike Cohen says he’s always looked for a good way to invest his money. A year and a half ago, Cohen had solar panels installed at his Orange County home.

"Solar panels are a great investment because they print money everyday, whether you do anything or not," said Cohen.

Cohen says his solar panels often generate more power than what he’s using inside his home. At those times, his electric meter can be seen actually going backwards because it’s sending electricity back to the power grid than he’s using.

Cohen was one of the first people in Florida to go solar through a co-op of customers. Through Florida Solar United Neighborhoods, or FLSUN, dozens of co-ops across the state have allowed customers like Cohen to band together to get a group discount on solar installation. 

Together, the co-op’s customers choose one company to install the panels. In turn, each customer gets a discount of up to twenty-percent off the installation. That could mean thousands of dollars in savings.

The League of Women Voters just helped launch a co-op in Seminole County. Cohen hopes homeowners there will take advantage of the opportunity.

“Over the course of a given year, I will be zero on electric costs, and that’s a good thing,” said Cohen.

Seminole County homeowners interested in the solar co-op can learn more at the first of multiple information sessions on Monday June 5, at the Eastmonte Civic Center in Altamonte Springs. The session will run from 6:30 to 9:30pm.

You can also find more information on how the co-ops work and sign up for it at the FLSUN Seminole website.