Your child may be required to learn the basics of "dollars and cents" if state lawmakers have it their way.

  • Senate bill 392 requires high school students to take financial classes
  • Boone High School financial literacy teacher says it's important for students to learn
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Senate bill 392 requiring high school students take a financial literacy class faces one last hurdle before it makes it to the Senate floor in Tallahassee.

Bill Daniel has been teaching financial literacy for the past 23 years at Boone High School in Orlando and sees the importance of it.

“We see it every day: They’re helping their parents file their tax returns, they’re making recommendations for different types of investments or savings plans with their parents, how to navigate the insurance industry, which is a must for every family,” said Daniel

He says it is critical to teach young people money management, especially with fewer people saving for retirement.

“It’s scary. It’s alarming for what the future has in store for us,” said Daniel.

Daniel is supporting an effort at the State Capitol requiring high school students take a financial literacy class before they graduate.

Lawmakers say the legislation will make Florida the 18th state in the country requiring a financial literacy course.

“With an opportunity for a bill like this to pass, it would pay tremendous dividends, pardon the pun, but it would pay tremendous dividends on the lives of the children in our state in the future,” said Daniel.

The bill has one more stop in both a house and senate committee.

It could be heard in the Senate appropriations committee as soon as Wednesday.