A Palm Bay family said they are stunned after finding a metal pin in their children's Halloween candy.

  • Family finds metal pin in Halloween candy
  • Police filed report and confiscated the package
  • Family visited 50 homes near Jupiter Elementary on Halloween

Justin Schaper said he found a tiny pin in a small pack of Twizzlers two days after he and his wife took his two sons trick-or-treating.

Schaper said he found another tainted candy pack on Sunday.

He said he was grabbing a quick snack of his children's leftover candy, when a he felt a pain in his hand.

"I had a needle stick in my thumb," Schaper said.

The sharp, tiny pin was lodged inside the chewy candy.

"At least it got stuck in my thumb, and not in his mouth," Schaper said.

A Palm Bay man says he found a tiny metal pin inside his children's Halloween candy. (Greg Pallone, staff)

After finding a needle in a pack of Twizzlers after Halloween, Schaper said he threw it away before the kids could get it.

"Literally, it looks like someone pushed it through the package, because there is a real fine hole in it," he said. "You can't trust nobody, really."

The family filed a police report and hopes to warn parents to check all of their children's Halloween candy.

Officers confiscated the candy and are conducting an investigation.

Schaper said his family visited about 50 houses near Jupiter Elementary School on Halloween night.

Spectrum News 13 reached out to Hershey's, the company that makes Twizzlers, for comment, but haven't heard back.