Witnesses offered details Thursday into the routine of a security guard accused of raping and killing a 27-year-old woman at her downtown Orlando apartment.

Police say Stephen Duxbury strangled Sasha Samsudean in October of 2015 at the Uptown Place apartments complex after she returned from a night out.

Testimony in day four of the trial began with Duxbury’s former boss at the security firm. The man began testifying on Wednesday afternoon.

Vital Security supplied guards to Samsudean's complex, Uptown Place.

“If your question is, ‘Was Duxbury the only one who worked during that time, May to October?’ Yes," the man testified.

Much of the examination and cross-examination revolved around timing of Duxbury leaving work, as well as when he would typically take out the trash.

Testimony continued with those who painted the picture of how that October night played out, when worried friends began bombarding Samsudean’s landlord with frantic calls as they tried to locate their friend.

Dominik Sedziak, who leased the apartment to Samsudean, then took the stand, peppered with questions about codes and the lock on the victim’s door.

Sedziak began leasing the apartment, unit 345, to Samsudean in May of that year. The landlord testified he had changed the locking mechanism on her door for one he deemed "safer."

A week after the murder, the unit was turned back over to Sedziak, who cleaned the apartment himself.

“As I was in hallway walking towards unit, there was already police over there," Sedziak said.

Later Thursday, a number of Orlando police department officers testified about making the grisly discovery once they entered Samsudean's apartment: the woman's hair peeking out from her comforter, her lifeless body wrapped in sheets.

Officer Kyle Medvetz, with the Orlando Police Department, pointed out that the bottom doors of the victim's bathroom cabinet were wide open, cleaning products visible inside.

Outside the apartment, friends had gathered, officers keeping them at bay. The officers allege another person, too, approached them.

"I was talking to the friends and a male approached us and said if we needed any help," recalled Officer Hector Bonilla.

That male, the officer pointed out, was Duxbury.

That night, another Orlando Police officer, too, saw the defendant outside the apartment, noting he “seemed nervous.”

“Pacing, swaying back and forth, looking down the hallway," described Officer Andy Tran.

Testimony from the medical examiner

Finally, the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy, Dr. Gary Utz, testified.

“I felt like this case was most likely a homicide and showed strangulation," said Dr. Gary Utz as he took the stand.

Utz, who served as Deputy Chief Medical Examiner for District 9, performed the autopsy on Samsudean on October 19 at 9 a.m. The doctor testified about the traditional methods of data collection they performed, from using alternative light sources to look for fluid stains, to collecting swabs all over the victim's body.

Regarding the ethanol level Utz discovered he noted, “I’d say you can describe her as drunk.”

Utz stood by a plasma television -- wheeled out and angled so jurors could view, but those in the gallery could not see -- and pointed out bruises, blood and fluid found on and around Samsudean's body.

"[The victim's body] did have the odor, as I would describe, as cleaning solution," Utz testified. “I have a young woman, she’s been assaulted. She’s nearly naked in her bed, wrapped in a comforter. I’d be an idiot not to entertain the idea of a sexual assault.”

Duxbury was present in the courtroom, as well as Samsudean's family, seated in the left side of the gallery. Before 5 p.m., Judge Lisa T. Munyon wrapped for the day.

The trial resumes Friday morning at 8:30 a.m.

Investigators found the body of 27-year-old Samsudean at the Orange Avenue apartment complex in October two years ago.

Police arrested Duxbury, believing the security guard preyed on the woman as she returned home from a night out, raped and strangled her.

Duxbury faces charges of first-degree murder, attempted sexual battery with a weapon or physical force, and burglary of a dwelling with assault or death. Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty.