Two Lake County officials are teaming up to find a place for veteran monuments, including confederate ones.

  • Museum curator, city commissioner partnered to find spot for monuments
  • Looking at several places near County Historical Museum
  • City commissioner monitoring situation with Lakeland statue

Bob Grenier, curator of the Lake County Historical Museum in Tavares, said he got in touch with Eustis City Commissioner Anthony Sabatini after Sabatini posted a message on his Facebook page asking cities and counties to bring their Confederate monuments to Eustis.

"There’s been a lot of radical unrest on the side of the far left who want to destroy American history, get rid of every veterans monument in this country for wars they don’t like," said Sabatini.

Grenier told us he's always wanted to create a monuments garden.

"Stop the vandalism, to stop dishonor, to stop the disgrace, I thought maybe why don’t we just find a spot, a public place, hopefully, to bring these monuments to," said Grenier.

Together, Grenier and Sabatini are looking for a place for monuments that are being removed or vandalized. They are looking into several locations in the county and near the museum.

"I believe they should stay where they’re at, but if not, bring them here -- don’t vandalize them, don’t destroy them," said Grenier.

Sabatini says he is finishing up a letter this week to send to Confederate organizations, and is monitoring the situation in Lakeland where city commissioners are deciding whether to move a confederate monument from Munn Park.  

"There are racist people in our society, but monuments aren’t," Sabatini said. "These are veterans monuments -- the soldiers didn’t chose the war they fought in."