Homeowners in Edgewater were sawing, cutting and picking up Friday, a day after a severe storm rolled through that toppled trees onto homes and knocked out power.

  • Fast-moving storm took down trees and power Thursday in Edgewater
  • Several cars damaged; tree branches pierced roofs
  • Residents now concerned about Hurricane Matthew

A spokesman with the Edgewater Fire Department said straight-line winds are what caused all the damage. Power has been restored to all homeowners affected.

Ray DelGreco normally mows lawns on a day like Friday, but instead, he had to remove all his equipment from inside his trailer, which was partially crushed by an uprooted tree.

He picked up debris around his Edgewater home on Needle Palm Drive after the winds snapped and uprooted trees all over the area. DelGreco said the storm passed through in the blink of an eye.

“You know, it only took about 5 to 10 seconds for all this to happen. So we lost about four trees in the back,” an exhausted DelGreco said.

A downed tree behind DelGreco’s home crashed down in the sudden storm, bringing down power lines and knocking out power to more than a thousand customers in the area.

Fortunately, no tree or large branch fell on DelGreco’s home. But just down the block, his neighbor, Richard Guy, was not so lucky.

Large branches crashed into his home, piercing through the roof outside and the ceiling inside, even damaging several cars.

On Friday, crews were out clearing much of the debris, removing large trunks too heavy for one person to lift.

Part of a palm tree that came to rest on a home on Lime Tree Drive had to be removed from the roof.

Now, DelGreco and other nearby homeowners hope Hurricane Matthew steers clear from a neighborhood already exhausted from debris cleanup.

“We’re keeping an eye on it, because I’m thinking that we’re going have some more stuff," DelGreco said. "Maybe the trees that were going to come down are already done.”