The Daytona Beach community is getting an early start to honoring the victims and first responders of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. On Saturday, volunteers put together a unique flag display to remember them.

  • Nearly 3,000 American flags were planted in honor of the victims, first responders of the 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • Placing the flags held special meaning for one volunteer

"I feel very privileged to be a part of putting all these flags out because I feel a special connection to 9/11," said Ormond Beach Civil Air Patrol Cadet Leigha Bauder.

When the terrorists attacks of 9/11 happened, Bauder was just 4 years old, but 15 years later she said she has good reason to set out flags in their honor.

"Because my dad is a firefighter and he goes off to work and I don't know if he's coming back the next day or not," explained Bauder.

Many volunteers placed nearly 3,000 American flags in Daytona Beach on Saturday. (Brittany Jones, Staff)

Cadet Bauder was one of more than a dozen volunteers from the Civil Air Patrol Ormond Beach composite squadron and Lohman outreach community members.

Each one of the volunteers worked hard to don the field in the Daytona Memorial Park in red, white and blue.

"We want to provide a place for the community to come out and pay their respects and to be together and share their thoughts," said Leslie Fisk, Lohman community outreach coordinator.

Each flag represents the nearly 3,000 lives lost.

"As I put each flag down I think of the many first responders that died as they were trying to get people out," said Bauder.

Bauder also said it was a special display of patriotism to symbolize those who will never be forgotten.

"They didn't think about whether they were going to come back or not. They knew it was their duty to do that and they just did it," added Bauder.

The ceremony is scheduled for next Sunday at 5 p.m. in the memorial park near the flags. The public is invited to attend and pay their respects.