The wife of an Orlando Police officer said her husband has regressed since being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after working the Pulse nightclub shooting more than three months ago.

  • Orlando Police officer suffering from PTSD following Pulse shooting
  • Wife of the officer: "He kept crying and crying" after coming home from work
  • Family wants to change law regarding workers compensation benefits

Jessica Realin said her husband, Gerry Realin, was part of the Orlando Police Department's hazmat team that was responsible for removing more than 30 dead bodies that were left inside the club after the June 12 shooting.

Jessica Realin said what her husband saw was "horrific," and that he broke down the day he came home from work.

"He was very stark in the face and went into the bathroom and lost it," Jessica Realin said. "He kept crying and crying and saying, 'Why them? Why this? How did this happen? I don't understand. I'm so sorry.'"

Jessica Realin said her husband tried to go to work for a few weeks, but he has since taken leave. The Realin family attorney said Gerry Realin went weeks after the mass shooting without proper compensation.

The family is hoping to change the law so first responders without a physical injury are entitled to workers compensation benefits.