A driver was killed in a road rage incident in the early morning hours of Monday near South Kirkman Road in Orlando, police said.

  • Driver steps out of vehicle to confront other driver and gets hit
  • Other vehicle left the scene
  • Investigation is ongoing

The accident happened around 12:45 a.m. Monday when two cars pulled off Windhover Drive near Universal Studios.

Orlando police say Salman Kahn was run over by a vehicle just one mile away from Universal Studios.

According to investigators, Kahn was involved in some sort of road rage incident which led him to pull over. He stopped on the side of Windhover Road to confront the driver of the vehicle which was tailgating him.

Moments later, police say the driver of that other vehicle stepped on the gas and ran over Kahn, killing him.

As Orlando Police search for clues, Kahn's family and friends are distraught.

"There are a lot of angry people," one of Kahn's friends said.

For now, investigators sift through surveillance footage, and are questioning witnesses and his friends in hopes of finding out who did this.

"I just hope the person who did this just comes forward and turns themselves into police," Kahn's friends said.

Orlando Police are also asking for the public's help. Anyone with more information about what may have happened are encouraged to contact OPD at 321-235-5300.