The annual Tour de Turtles is underway.

  • Leonara and Turpac were released into the ocean Sunday morning
  • The turtles will be tracked to see how far they travel
  • Scientist will use the data to study sea turtle migration

Two loggerhead sea turtles, Leonora and Turpac, were released into the ocean from the Barrier Island Center in Melbourne Beach Sunday morning.

Over the next three months, the turtles will “race” against other turtles that have already been released in Florida and other locations, including Cuba and Costa Rica.

The goal is to see which turtle travels the furthest distance during that time period.

Satellite transmitters are attached to each turtles’ shells so scientists can track their movements.

This helps scientist learn more about sea turtles and their migration habits.

More loggerhead sea turtles nest in Brevard County than anywhere in the world, according to officials. After laying their eggs, the turtles travel hundreds of miles to feeding areas.

Tour de Turtles was created by the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

To track Leonora, Turpac and the other turtles competing this year, go to: