The mayor of the City of Tavares was suspended from his office by the governor of Florida on Thursday afternoon.

Mayor Robert William Wolfe was charged a day earlier with insurance fraud, a third-degree felony. He bonded out of jail Wednesday evening.

According to Florida Gov. Rick Scott's executive order, Wolfe "is prohibited from performing any official act, duty or function of public office."

The city's vice mayor, Lori Pfister, has been moved to the position of mayor.

A city official said the suspension was an unexpected distraction.

"We address those in a respectful and quick manner, and then we get back to business of the city, which is protecting and serving public and moving projects forward," Tavares City Administration John Drury said.

Pfister will recommend a new council member at next Wednesday's council meeting.

“I'm now the mayor of the city, and I'm going to move the city forward,” she said.

The State Attorney's Office says that in February, Wolfe filed a $9,000 claim with his insurance company, saying his home was damaged and he needed to rent a home. But an investigation by the Department of Financial Services found that he never left his property.

In May, Wolfe was arrested after his wife accused him of hitting her and firing a gun in their bedroom during a fight. Those charges were dropped.

On Wednesday, July 20, Pfister contacted News 13 to say that her statement was taken out of context. In reaction to being asked her thoughts on Wolfe's arrest, she said, "I’m neither a judge or a jury and that’s not any of my business. I'm now the mayor of the city, and I'm going to move the city forward."

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