A Bay area company hopes a new creation will put an end to animal testing.

SynDaver Labs has produced a synthetic dog. It looks and feels like the real thing.

  • SynDaver Labs is revolutionizing surgery
  • Synthetic dogs would allow vet students to hone their technique
  • Each dog costs $28,500

"It bleeds, it breathes, it can even die,” said veterinarian David Danielson.

The company says thousands of real dogs from shelters are operated on every year at veterinary schools across the country. Students have to learn how to operate, and that's the only way to allow future veterinarians to do it.

Danielson remembers feeling guilty in school, as he was forced to operate on real dogs to learn surgical techniques.

"I do feel I carry that sin. I still feel guilty about it," Danielson said.

In some cases, the dogs must be euthanized.

The creator of SynDaver Labs, Chris Sakezles, thinks veterinary schools now have a new option. He admits, though, that cost is the biggest factor in changing the current practice in veterinary schools. Each dog from SynDaver Labs costs $28,500.

Already, the University of Florida has purchased one for students there.

Each dog comes with its own set of problems. They are constructed with tumors, and even foreign objects like socks inside of their stomachs. It'll be the students' job to find out exactly what's wrong with their dog.

SynDaver Labs is starting a fundraising campaign to pay for synthetic dogs for veterinary schools across the United States. To learn more, check out their website.