Two Lakeland men are out to find legendary Bigfoot-type creatures known as skunk apes in the northern Green Swamp.

  • Barton and Conner have searched area for almost two years
  • Believe they captured footage of a skunk ape on video
  • Use skepticism about their efforts as inspiration to keep looking

Mark Barton and Chris Conner have been searching the area for almost two years. The men have shot video they believe shows the head and part of the upper body of a skunk ape hiding behind a palmetto bush.

The two said they didn’t realize they had captured what they believe is a skunk ape on video until they reviewed their footage after a trip into the Green Swamp. The video only lasts for a brief moment, and they understand that many people might think it is not conclusive evidence skunk apes actually exist.

They believe the creatures could be huge.

“We have done reenactments. I kind of pale,” Barton said. “We’re thinking 7 to 8 feet.”

Barton and Conner said they heard sounds in the swamp that sound like chattering creatures.

"I will mimic it,” Conner said. “Most of the time it sounds like bluh, bluh.”

The hunters also use an infrared camera and audio recorders to try to find any trace of a skunk ape.

There is running water and wild orange trees in the area of the swamp that they search.

Both realize that skeptics think they're never going to find a skunk ape, but they use that as inspiration to keep going.

“They really want to come out here,” Barton said. “They just don’t have the guts like we do.”

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