There’s a kickoff Sunday night for a brand new program designed to help those in a community that’s still reeling from layoffs in the space shuttle program.

Faith and community leaders will launch "40 Days of Generosity" in Titusville.

The goal is to get residents to perform acts of kindness throughout the community.

They’re hoping tens of thousands of acts of kindness are done, whether that be cleaning up a yard for a sick neighbor or paying for someone’s gas.

Colorado Pastor Brian Kluth, an author on books about generosity, came up with the idea.

“What gets built in Titusville and on the Space Coast, it goes around this world and out of this world,” Kluth said. “So we’re hoping what gets built here, this pilot project, will ultimately go to communities across Florida, across America, I’m even in conversations with other countries.”

Titusville was chosen because despite the recent growth in the commercial space industry, low-income families are still suffering years after the shuttle program ended.

"There's the obvious need … because of the shutdown of the shuttle program and people are really hurting financially," said Pastor Sandy Robertson, who helped bring 40 Days of Generosity to Northern Brevard County.

Projects will be big and small over the next 40 days.

In addition to the acts of kindness, money will be raised to help build Titusville’s first splash pad park and a homeless shelter for families.

City leaders will join hundreds at Park Avenue Baptist Church at 6 p.m. Sunday to launch the 40 Days of Generosity.

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