Two now-former Brevard County deputies were allegedly involved with a prostitute at the center of a deputy-involved shooting last month.

The deputies were identified Thursday as 29-year-old Raymond Sutherland and 56-year-old Larry Blair.

Last week Sheriff Wayne Ivy said he was disgusted by the evidence they found and we now know what he's referring to.

According to the report released Thursday, Blair admitted to texting Mary Derossett several times, soliciting sex three times and paying her hundreds of dollars each time.

After his confession, Blair sent in his resignation.

The sheriff said Sutherland confessed to being involved with Derossett as well. The sheriff has said he wants both Blair and Sutherland prosecuted and their legal certifications stripped.

This investigation started when an undercover operation revealed Mary Derossett was allegedly involved in prostitution.

When investigators initially went to arrest her, Derossett's uncle, 65-year-old John Franklin Derossett, opened fire on deputies.

Deputy Casey Smith was critically wounded, but since the incident has been on the path to recovery.

Mary Derossett was in court Thursday because the Sheriff's Office attorney is working on forcing her to submit to blood work.

Attorneys argue one of the agents involved in the raid had an open wound and may have been exposed to her blood at the scene. We expect a ruling Friday.

As of right now the two former deputies involved with Derossett have not been charged.

The case has been sent to the State Attorney's Office for review and that's when a decision will be made on what charges they could face.