What is killing fish in the Indian River Lagoon?

More than 100 fish were found floating in the waters near Port St. John.

"They were all sizes, from 3-4 inches to 6 inches," said Ellen Felton, who lives along the Indian River in Port St. John.

She's describing the large amount of floating fish she saw Wednesday afternoon.

And the smell isn't pleasant.

"I was thinking something was definitely killing them, but I wouldn't know what," she said.

Felton called Florida Fish and Wildlife to report the find.

She sent them pictures she took of the dead fish.

Brevard Natural Resources was made aware of a recent fish kill in the waters off of Rotary Park in the Suntree area.

Water samples were taken.

Right now we're told it appears the fish died from an algae bloom, and it's a strong possibility that's what killed the fish near Felton's home.

This time of year algae blooms are more common, and combined with the warm temperatures and the large amount of rainfall in the county, the blooms have had plenty of nutrients to grow.

Felton tells us she feels bad for the fish, and hopes she doesn't see the sight again.