Orange County deputies are investigating almost a dozen heroin overdoses at an Orange County condominium complex. Three of those overdoses were deadly.

Investigators said they believe there was more than heroin in what people were buying and whatever that was likely led to the overdoses.

The sheriff’s office is increasing its presence with deputies around the clock at the Blossom Park condos.

Sheriff Jerry Demings wants everyone to know if you’re coming to Blossom Park to buy drugs, deputies will be here waiting for you.

We’ve seen one squad car stationed at the entrance, talking to people as they drive or walk in and another car driving around the complex.

We drove around the complex and it seems like the majority of it is still condemned from earlier this year. Not many people actually live in the complex anymore.

This is not a one-night show of force. It’s likely even more deputies will be patrolling the Blossom Park area this weekend.

On Monday, Orange County’s new heroin task force met for the first time to curb this problem as quickly as possible. They will meet for the rest of this year and provide county leaders will recommendations next year.