Two people were found dead in an Orlando apartment Friday, and a child rushed to the hospital.

Police were called after a disturbance was reported at the Eagle Reserve Apartment Complex on Cinderlane Parkway. When they arrived they found two adults dead and one child inside.

As investigators piece together what happened inside the apartment, they have not released any new details about who the victims were, how they were killed or why.

“Yeah it frightens me because you don’t know who is coming at you,” one neighbor who called himself Cisco said.

Neighbors like Cisco said they want answers.

“I am shocked. I mean, I didn’t think something like could happen around here. Two people dead in an apartment complex and nobody knows why. It’s too crazy," another neighbor named Riesha said.

Neighbors had their own theories about what happened, and said the people who lived in the apartment were a couple, a man and woman. They lived there with their young child.

Orlando Police have not confirmed that they were a couple, or what relation the child had to them.

We will continue to follow this investigation.