A case of mistaken identity leads to tragedy for one Orange County family.

Investigators say a man shot who he believed was a home invader, but turned out to be his younger brother.

It happened Friday night on High Lake Drive in West Orange County. A couple was sleeping in their home around 11:30 pm Friday when they heard a noise. The wife, 31, told the Orange County Sheriff’s Office  her husband, 32, took his handgun and walked into the kitchen area.

Investigators say that’s where the homeowner shot a man.

After the shot, the husband recognized the person as his 17-year-old brother. The husband began CPR while the wife called 911.

The 17-year-old was transported to Florida Hospital Orlando, where he was pronounced dead early Saturday. 

Neighbors told News 13 they were shocked to hear the news. One neighbor Mohammed Mobeen said the teenager was always friendly.

"He's always handy. He's taking out garbage, raking up the lawn, mowing, doing the hedging. And they all seemed to be nice people, but I guess you never know," he said.