Mikel Crowley has been using Access Flagler for about three years now.

It's an event which brings together dozens of social service organizations in one place,  at the county fairgrounds, every other month.

“You can come here and find basically what you need or someone can help you with what you need,” Crowley said.

Everything from a haircut to answers about Medicaid and Medicare. From clothing to Veterans' benefits.

It's all here.

For Crowley, this month his needs are simple. “I get the food. I, you know...need some food.”

Local Pastor Charles Silano and Janet Nickels, a program manager with Flagler County Human Services, had this idea back in 2011.

What started out four years ago with a handful of service organizations and about 100 people looking for help, has grown into an event which helps hundreds of families here in Flagler County.

“You're talking about impacting about 900 individuals in the county on this one day," Janet Nickels said as she goes from station to station, making sure everyone is getting the help they need.

Many of these people have trouble finding reliable transportation.

So, to have a place where the majority of their questions can be answered is invaluable.

And Nickels adds this is also a good opportunity for the various agencies. “To learn that there's other agencies around that can compliment their existing services. So it's actually a twofold benefit.”

As for Mikel Crowley, he has his food. And he'll be back again in August.