A truck carrying several sharks crashed on I-95 in Volusia County as heavy storms crossed Central Florida on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the trailer crashed after a tire became separated from the vehicle near Oak Hill. The semi traveled into the median and stopped at a tree line.

Several sharks were being transported up north on I-95 near Oak Hill when the semi crashed. Wednesday, June 10, 2015. (PHOTO/Frank Cymerman, Staff)

The sandbar sharks were being transported to an aquarium in New York. They were being held in individual aquariums.

One of the sharks died in the crash, FHP Sgt. Kim Montes said.

SeaWorld was called out Wednesday evening to transfer the three remaining sharks. They'll go to SeaWorld's care facility in Orlando until transportation arrangements can be made.

The fin of a sandbar shark sticks out of the hammock used to move the sharks from their crashed transport to a SeaWorld rescue vehicle.

"We’re just grateful no one got injured and we’re happy to help," said assistant curator Jim Kinsler.

Kinsler said the sharks are in good condition, aside from transportation stress. They are each about five feet long.

"Sharks require good water conditions and appropriate space and care during travel," Kinsler said.

UPDATE: Sharks that survived I-95 crash recover at SeaWorld


What is a sandbar shark?

A SeaWorld rescuer cares for a sandbar shark. (PHOTO/Aaron Forsman)

Sandbar sharks, also known as brown sharks, are found throughout the world in temperate and tropical waters.

According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, the sandbar shark is the most abundant species of large shark on our side of the Atlantic. It likes shallow coastal waters, and is most commonly found in harbors, estuaries, the mouths of bays and rivers. But since it avoids beaches and the surface, the sharks pose little threat to humans.

The sharks can swim as far north as Cape Cod during the summer months.

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