Police are stepping up patrols around a family owned bakery in Longwood after threats were made to the owner because she refused to put an anti-gay message on a cake.

Sharon Haller, the owner of Cut the Cake, said the threats and harassing calls starting coming after an anonymous caller criticized her decision not to put the message on a cake.

"I'm just afraid because of the type of calls that we were getting that someone is going to attack me in my home," Haller said.

Sharon Haller told News 13 on Friday that it all started after Feuerstein, a former TV evangelist, posted a video on social media targeting the Seminole County-based business. The recording includes Haller's voice even though she said she didn't consent to being recorded.

Shortly after the video was posted, Haller said, she started to receive hundreds of hate calls.

"He gave credit card information and he said he wants written on the cake, 'I hate gays,'" Haller said.

She received threats, too.

"People (are) telling us that we need to kill ourselves and all kinds of stuff, and we're just afraid for our business and our safety."

Casselberry Police Department officials confirmed they are looking into the report, but they said it's not a criminal case at this time.

Police have offered Haller and bakery employees escorts if they feel threatened.