Shops, restaurants, apartments and other amenities.

Those are just some of the things city leaders in DeBary could voters would be included if a SunRail station was constructed in Volusia County.

Coming up on the one-year anniversary of SunRail, there's a train station and parking in DeBary, but that's about it.

DeBary city leaders are hoping to fulfill the rest of the vision by hiring an administrator whose sole job is to bring development to the area surrounding the stop.

Parking is difficult to come by during the week at the DeBar-based SunRail stop — which is one of the commuter train's most successful stations in terms of ridership.

"Facilities, restrooms, yes, restaurants would be nice," said Darlene Forsha, a SunRail rider.

Antoinette Needham, another rider, added: "Maybe a little restaurant or something, you know, because we’re traveling from far."

DeBary residents were also told apartments would be built near the station, too.

Riders have to walk to a nearby gas station and hope the owners will let them use their facilities. The closest thing to residential units is a mobile park across from the gas station.

"Well, there's a lot of vacant land," DeBary Mayor Clint Johnson said. "I see a lot of opportunity."

The city recently hired a transit-oriented development marketing manager to bring to fruition the vision city leaders had before the SunRail station was built.

Johnson admits, however, that it won't happen overnight.

"I would expect something to come here within the next two years — some sort of significant development around the train station," Johnson said. "I'd like to see that happen within the next two years."

The first step, Johnson admits, is shedding the image that DeBary is anti-development.

The newly hired manager's sole purpose will be to convince the city is, in fact, open for business.