A Seminole County mother is facing charges after police say her 6-year-old son was wandering by himself a mile from home at a busy intersection.

Another woman called 911 when she saw the mother looking for her son.

DISPATCHER:  “You say she appeared to be drunk?”

CALLER: “Yeah, ’cause I have no idea what she is saying.  She’s kind of slurring her words, moving around ‘drunkish,’ and I don’t know if she’s on something or drunk.  She ... she’s not really making a lot of sense.”

Winter Springs police found the boy alone near State Road 434 and Sheoah Boulevard.

When they took the child back to his home, they found his mother, Ramona Petty, lying on her back on the ground.

They said Petty’s 5-year-old daughter was near her yelling for her mother.

Police said Petty was extremely intoxicated, fought with police as they arrested her and at one point intentionally dropped to the ground when she cut her face. 

She was charged with resisting arrest and child abuse. Petty has bonded out of jail.

Her children remain in the custody of Seminole County Child Protective Services.

This is not Petty’s first arrest. In 2013, she was charged with child neglect for a similar incident.