A second night of cold weather has Central Floridians stocking up and preparing.

Some of the coldest temperatures overnight — and in years — are expected in Marion County, where it could be in the low-20s.

The freezing cold could cause problems with plumbing. Plumbing companies said pipes could burst if temperatures stay well below freezing for an extended period of time and if people don't take the proper precautions.

"I'm going to let them drip a little and cover them up," Matthew Charles said while shopping for supplies at Thoroughbred Hardware Store.

The store's owner said big sellers this week have included window insulation, heaters, handwarmers and gloves and propane. Landscaper Carlos Giraldo said he was looking for frost cloth.

"For the plants tonight, I need to cover, like, 1,000 of them," Giraldo said.


Cold Weather Safety

See a list of local cold shelters and important tips to stay safe in the cold.


Firewood a hot seller

Firewood sales are through the roof in Volusia County, where temperatures are expected to reach the freezing mark.

Even hotter are sales when temperatures dip below 40 degrees.

"I came here to get firewood because it's getting cold down here," said Chuck Stroud, hoping to keep warm with $20 worth of firewood.

Thomas Rogers splits wood throughout the year.

A photo of Rogers shows him sitting on top of a mountain of wood at his Ormond Beach establishment before the cold weather arrived in January.

"Now I've got none," Rogers said. "I've got a small pile. How did that happen? We sold a lot of wood."

He said the small pile he has left will last three more days, especially with the race crowd in town trying to keep warm.

Several miles from Ormond Beach, on State Road 415 in Port Orange, firewood is also going fast.

"Right now, it's hard to keep with demand," said Michael Glasnak, who sells firewood from his feed store. "So, if you need firewood, stop on by."

Not far from Glasnak, Michael Layman tries to keep up with the demand for firewood and has a theory why cold temperatures drive people to buy wood instead of just turning up the heater.

"The crackle and the warmth, and it just puts a romantic glow to the situation," Layman said.

Temperatures are expected to climb back to the 80s by Sunday.