Homeowners in one St. Cloud condo community said their kids are playing is sewage-filled yards.

It’s all because of a sewage burst that happened months ago and now homeowners are being asked to foot the repair bill.

“They say we are going to fix it this month, this month, this month," said Mayra Fuentes. "But we don’t see them fix it and that’s just what we want.”

Homeowners say “This Month”  has turned into about seven at the Palm Gardens complex and still no fix. Instead they have seen just a temporary band aid for a major sewer system problem.

Some owners even tsaid they think it’s a health problem because they’ve seen sewer water bubbling out of the system onto the road.

“It’s the sewer water that’s coming out. It’s not safe for the kids, it’s not safe for us,” Fuentes explained.

We spoke with a manager at Palm Gardens off camera and they told us they are working with the City of St. Cloud to fix the sewer problem. But it doesn’t stop there. The city spokesperson told us the entire system in the complex will need to be replaced.

Homeowners also said now they are being asked to pay $3,000 out of their own pocket.

“I can’t pay. And I know a lot of people around here can’t pay because this is low-income housing,” Another home owner explained.

Although she didn’t want us to use her name, this other woman said she has lived here for years and pays $165 a month in maintenance fees. She doesn’t understand why those collected fees are not being used to fix the problem or why it’s taking so long to resolve.

The City of St. Cloud said they do plan on working on this project in the first few weeks of March.