A night of partying at the Hard Rock Casino came to an end for two people when they found themselves trapped in a garbage truck, deputies said.

Radmas Velasquez, the driver of a Progressive Waste Solutions truck, emptied the dumpster into his truck at 5 a.m.  He was about to activate the truck's compacting blade when he looked at his backup camera and saw a man jumping up and down inside the truck.

When Velasquez pulled over, he found Donald Jordan, 37, and Lisa Sirbella, 49, stuck in the back of the truck.

Deputies and emergency medical crews responded to the scene and got the pair out of the truck.

"It was originally believed that they were homeless," the report said. "But it seems they were just really intoxicated after hanging out at the casino."

Deputies said Jordan and Sirbella were sleeping in a dumpster at the WaWa store at Orient Road when the dumpster was emptied and they were thrown into the back of the truck.

"I couldn't believe it," said Velasquez. "I've heard that this can happen, but I never believed it until it happened to me today."

The two were injured from the fall from the dumpster into the truck, but it could have been much worse.

"If I had used the compactor blade, I probably would have killed them," said Velasquez.

Deputies said neither suffered any signs of visible injury, but they were taken to Tampa General Hospital after complaining of back pain.

After Jordan was treated and released, he told deputies that their friends had left them at the Casino without a ride home.  He said they were drunk, it was cold and they wanted to get warm.  

Sirbella suffered a back injury. She is in fair condition.